Open Engagement

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Friday stuff -  
Open House Tours, where we rode a school bus and went all around and saw the following projects:
Manchester Craftsmen Guild - a facility where arts education is offered (for free) to high school students and adults.
City of Asylum - Providing sanctuary and up to two year residencies for writers in exile.  With a broad range of literary
Diane Samuels - Artist and Director of City of Asylum
programs in a variety of community settings to encourage cross-cultural exchange.
Spaces Corners - Founded in 2011, Spaces Corners is an artist-run photobook gallery and project space based in Pittsburgh PA. The bookshop is carefully edited to reflect important trends in contemporary photography that are intended to inspire and educate their visitors.
Three panels presented at the Mattress Factory
La Casita: Reimagining Public space In Villa Coronilla by Michael Lee and Jessica Sevilla

San Francisco I-Hotel  anti-eviction legacy - Jeremy Reyes and Tammy Ko Robinson

Friday Evening - Conflict Kitchen by Jon Rubin Palestinian dinner and talk about Conflict Kitchen, a restaurant that serves food from countries the U.S. is in conflict.  A delicious meal was prepared and enjoyed while sitting at long tables.  Jon Rubin talked about the project and showed some slides while we ate.  The food was spectacular and It was an amazing, warm spring evening.

Tent for Conflict Kitchen.  University of Pittsburg
Tower of Learning on Left.

Friday Night - Key Note speaker: Emily Jacir

A very interesting talk especially following Conflict Kitchen. 

Saturday Stuff
It’s My Revolution - inverting curatorial discretion - with Megan Johnston the director of the Model, a contemporary art museum in Sligo, Ireland.  Also artist Carmen Papalia who is partially blind.  (He was unable to attend so they skyped him into the talk.)  This talk focused on slow curating (for durational works,) radical accessibility, and collaboration.
Then onto a more in depth talk with Jon Rubin, and his work moderated by Laura Raicovitch, the new director of the Queens Museum .

X Jon Rubin Talk - OE 2015 Part 1
X Jon Rubin Talk - OE 2015 Part 2
X Jon Rubin Talk - OE 2015 Part 3

Saturday Evening - Institution sessions
A panel discussion with folks from the Denver Art Museum, Tate Modern, and the Walker Art Museum talking about what is being shown in the museums and how they are interacting with the communities the museums are situated in. (A little whiskey was offered during the Q and A to loosen tongues and encourage engagement! It was past 5 pm after all.)

Saturday Night - Dinner and artist talk focusing on creating a stronger, more diverse and interdisciplinary creative community.  Food by a new restaurant called Six x Ate.  Yummy, unusually seasoned pierogies were served!

This is the hallway of the Pittsburgh Energy Innovation Center where the event was held.  This space was a tech school up until 2005 and then was vacant.  One new tenant will be an artist collective with a shared studio space model for collaboration.
Event organized by Casey Droege.

(I should note there was a whole other conference going on throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday.  Open Platform were 15 minute talks by artists and groups of ongoing projects.  I often ran and listened for a bit while in between things or when friends were presenting.  It was often hard to choose what to go to next.)

Sunday Stuff:
Jasiri X - America’s most wanted: Hip Hop, Media, and Mass Incarceration.  Discussion on the criminalization of young black men and how it connects to mass incarceration. This was one of the best presentations I saw connecting to a subject I know little or nothing about (rap or hip hop music.)

Sunday afternoon:
Spent some time at Open Platform then on to Socially Engaged Art Criticism - The Field Editorial Collective on rethinking writing about socially engaged art practices.

And finally, last but not least the Key note talk by Rick Lowe, renown for Project Row Houses in Houston, TX.  Great talk in a beautiful setting. 

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