Sunday, February 12, 2017

Replicas - Alternative Memorabilia of Apolitical Presidential History….what?

First, it has been far too long. Second, I must apologize for a little promise I made with regards to the presidential election.  It didn’t seem possible and believe me, I am still in denial.  That is how I am managing.  I would love to hear what you think about what is happening in our world.  We need art now more than ever.  Let me know when you next want to meet and where our discussions on Contemporary Art should take us. 

The primary upside to the current state of things is that many people I have talked to have been awakened and pushed to DO something. The rise in activism and volunteering will be a good thing. 

David Rubel's Collection/Archive of presidential
Campaign memorabilia.
So what does the title of this blog refer to? I recently installed local resident David Rubel’s collection of presidential and political memorabilia in the window at 9 Main Street, (check out the George W. Bush action figure!) Stone House Properties has graciously allowed me to showcase locals collections in the window since 2013. 

Through a series of fortunate events and chance
conversations my thinking about current politics lead me to consider past presidential history. I found and verified apolitical historical presidential information on at least two separate websites with names like “41 Fun Facts about the Presidents,” so we can be sure it is irrefutable.  Specific “facts” about presidents were selected from which artifacts could be “crafted” though craftsmanship was not the point. These “artifacts” serve as a reminder of past history we have lived through and survived, while hopefully provoking a chuckle or two for those who read all of the fine print.   
Replicas...on display downstairs at the
Chatham Public Library.

Below are two particularly interesting tidbits to whet your appetite, but for the rest you just have to stop by the Chatham Public Library, downstairs, bottom shelf of the display case.  Don’t forget to leave your comments in the Replicas booklet:
Booklet with more info and a place to
write your comments.

1. Did you know that President Coolidge loved having breakfast in bed….while having his head rubbed with Vaseline?

2. Once President Clinton accepted the honor of appearing on the NPR quiz show Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me and received a perfect score on the “Not My Job” quiz….though the topic was My Little Pony. (listen/read the entire transcript here.)