Thursday, November 20, 2014

Show and Tell: Narrative in Contemporary Art

Ahmed Alsoudani at Gladstone Gallery
 This month’s theme is Show and Tell - you are all invited to bring in your favorite work of art to our next meeting, Monday Dec. 1, to show and tell why you like it and what it means to you.  If you do not own your favorite work of art or it is too large to carry, a digital image is OK.  The point is to have a conversation about an artwork we are really fascinated by and how this intersects with our own story.

In honor of the show and tell theme I have added links about
narrative and storytelling in contemporary art.  The Art 55 link gives an interesting historical overview, while the Artsy link considers this form as a kind of trend that has been in and out.  Both provide a whole bunch of interesting images too.

I have also included images of three contemporary artists
Lynette Yiadom -Boakye at Jack Shainman Gallery
Any Number of Preoccupations
works here for you take a look at.  Each of these artists have shows right now in Chelsea, NY. Can you tell a story just from looking at them here? Does the title give you any extra information? Where does this story take place? Who are the main characters?  What happens?  Can’t wait to hear all of your stories on Monday, Dec. 1, 6:30-7:45pm in the teen room at the Chatham Public library.
Martin Puryear at Matthew Marks Gallery
Phrygian Plot